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The aim of Kevins pies is simple, to make the best tasting pie from quality ingredients you can trust and sell them at a fair price.

We believe that great tasting pies come from simply using quality fresh ingredients and cooked properly which is what we do.

We don't cut corners with our pies.

No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives - just pies the way they should be.

Everything we make be it quiches - tarts - pasties - rolls we make with the same passion and to the same standard.

Pietastic pies - piefectly made by piefectionists

Kevin's hand made pies

 No more dodgy fillings hid under a rubbery pastry lid. Our piefect freshly baked handmade pies direct from the oven tastes pietastic with proper mash, mushy peas and thick pie gravy - just as they should do - pielicious