We take pride in making  pies with passion. All pies individual or catering have the love and care

that only a pie fanatic can give.

 Here at Kevin's pies we like you to get the same experience that we hope to get whenever we eat a pie.


if you would like to try a pie or if you would like to sell our products

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Individual Pies & Family Pies Size for 4 people


Steak & Potato -                 £2.20p / £6.00p

Steak & Ale -                       £2.20p  / £6.00p                        

Steak & Black Puddiing -  £2.20p / £6.00p

Steak in Red Wine -           £2.20p / £6.00p

Steak & Stilton -                 £2.20p / £6.00p

Mince Beef & Onion -        £2.20p / £6.00p


Chicken & Mushroom -   £2.20p / £6.00p

Chicken & Roast Ham -   £2.20p / £6.00p

Chicken & Chorizo -        £2.20p / £6.00p


Rabbit -             £2.50p

Lamb Pies-        £2.50p


Country Vegetable -    £2.20p / £6.00p


Topped Pies All £2.00p

Black Dag - Chicken, Pork & Black Pudding

Huntsman - Chicken, Pork & Stuffing

Poachers - Chicken, Pork, Sweet Pickle & Stilton

Gardeners - Chicken, Pork, Stuffing & Apple


Individual, Medium & Family size

Quiches & Tarts

Asparagus and Stilton -            £1.40p /  £3.70p

Tomato, Cheese & Onion -        £1.40p /  £3.70p

Quiche Lorraine -                       £1.40p /  £3.70p


Pork Pies

Individual -                   £1.50p

Pork & Chorizo -          £1.50p

1 Pound pork pie's -    £3.20p


Individual Game pie - £2.50p




Slices, Pasties & Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls  8" Jumbo -     £1.40p

Pork and Tomato sausage rolls -    £2.00p

Sheffield Sausage Roll with Hendo's Rellish - £2.00p


Cornish Pasty -                    £2.20p

Lamb & Mint Pasty -            £2.20p

Sausage Turnover -             £1.40p


Tray Bake Pie's all £15.20p

Comes in 8 portion size

Steal & Potato

Chicken & Mushroom

Vegetarian Country Veg

All Steak Add £5.00p



Family Fruit  & Desert pies

Large Apple  Pie -          £2.50p

Large Bakewell -            £2.50p



Eccles Cakes    -  70p each

Free home delivery on all orders over £30.00p

 We use local British beef,

free range chicken,

British lion eggs,

Pies are cased in our buttery shortcrust pastry (uniquely fantastic).

We use ale from local brewers